Arabian Peninsula

Francis will make the first-ever papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula this weekend.
A dozen beasts have been disqualified because their owners Botoxed them.
Very quickly and with Trump’s blessing, Kushner has effectively become America’s “Mr. Middle East.”
If you build it, a city like no other to rise out of the sands of the desert, they will come. But then again, this place
Given the conflicting interests and lack of military experience on the part of the coalition's members, there is ample reason to conclude that this alliance lacks substance.
Amidst the background of a violent conflict that is destroying Yemen, the UAE seeks to prove to the world that the wealthy emirates are capable of more than just spending billions of dollars to create a first-rate military with advanced weaponry.
Since the escalation of warfare on March 26, the United Nations recorded at least 6,221 civilian casualties with at least 1,950 civilians killed, and 4,271 wounded. Some 21 million people, about 80 percent of the population need some kind of assistance.
Ornithologists may have discovered a rare species of owl in Oman. But there's an even rarer breed of higher education exhilaration in this tiny nation, an excitement that is igniting a flame of hope and possibility in a world that so desperately needs it.
CBS News reported that intelligence officials had information about a major plot. France said earlier on Saturday it would
Although recent efforts made by the Saudi government to raise billions of dollars geared toward the development of Yemen is a welcome sign, there is little assurance that these funds will in fact stabilize the situation and save the country from itself, unless the money is delivered and invested wisely.