I arrived at my office in time to see the second plane hit and it became clear that this was no freak accident. We had been attacked. The nightmare began.
Yes, America was the target of the terrorists on 9/11, but the victims of that tragedy go far beyond our soil.
Regardless of whether it can convince the Arab street of its stance, Moscow would benefit much more from a stronger presence on mainstream and credible Arabic media outlets.
Over the years, violent conflicts across the globe have forced a staggering 60 million people from their homes, many of whom
While the privileged gays in developed countries fight for surrogates and marriage, as a gay Palestinian living inside of Israel, we're still fighting for the acknowledgement of our nationality, our sexuality and the legitimate right to be called Palestinians while still holding Israeli citizenship.
Who are these people forced to leave their homes and give up everything they have in the face of certain death? The media
"I love to hit the ball," says Adam , 12, an Israeli Arab, who attends the Orthodox Christian School in the mixed Arab-Jewish city Ramle. "And I love the schnitzel served at lunch." His friend Sagi, an Israeli Jew from Modi'in nods in agreement to his friend's statements.
The Times has done Israelis, Palestinians, and its readers a disservice.
This is Lebanon, the land whose people are so stuck on the glories of days past, glories that only faintly existed to begin with, that they can't even begin to think of a future for themselves.
The community was worried that exposing the inner workings of a mosque community would only make people hate us more. But