I have a a much younger little brother, a so called afterthought. As we speak, this little brother is almost twice my size and weight, but you know how it works with little baby brothers.
The study was published online in the journal PLOS ONE on August 27, 2014. Talk about creepy! You may think your morning
During its heyday, the arachnid was more widespread than spiders are today, Garwood said. But the loss of swampy forests
The new study, published today (July 4) in the journal Scientific Reports, found that the spiderweb of the common cross spider
Scientists collected the common U.S. arachnids (see image) in Nebraska parks and did a little matchmaking. In 25 observed
The tips of their eight legs don't shoot out Spidey silk. And in a study published in the May 15 issue of the Journal of