Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army

Nearly 700,000 Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh since August.
How social media provides a window into a human rights crisis.
Rohingyas have endured decades of systematic discrimination by successive governments in Rakhine State.
As an American civil rights lawyer who was born in Myanmar (or Burma, as I still call it), I watched with horror this summer
More than 530,000 Rohingyas have fled the country in less than two months.
Human rights figure rather low on the Trump administration’s priorities.
Imagine there were an ongoing humanitarian crisis — one approaching genocide — and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient repeatedly
UNITED NATIONS – Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel laureate kept under house arrest for 15 years, refused to acknowledge ethnic
“We’re terrified. We’ll starve soon and they’re threatening to burn down our houses,” one villager told Reuters.
The burning of villages and eradication of Rohingya communities might have more to do with development projects funded by China than with religious prejudice.