Arbitration clause

The bill is unlikely to pass the Senate, but advocates for women and consumers were thrilled to even get a vote on it.
She never dreamed that downloading an app would prevent her from seeking justice.
Karen Ward wants justice for how she was treated by Ernst & Young. So far all she's gotten are huge bills for arbitration proceedings she was forced into.
When a teen accused a teacher of statutory rape, Brentwood School used mandatory arbitration to silence his civil lawsuit.
The policy change is a big win for Google workers, but most companies are moving in the opposite direction.
Congress could make all companies allow workplace sexual harassment victims to go to court. But the bipartisan legislation seems to have stalled.
You are vulnerable without an arbitration clause in your contracts and it could prove to be devastating. Contracts are relatively useless if you cannot enforce them without too much hassle; enforcing them through litigation may be too costly and time-consuming to be practical.