Investigators blame faulty machinery, but Sgt. Patrick Cosby suspects foul play.
7-year-old Devon Wilson's parents may have jumped the gun last week on unabashedly introducing themselves as the "World's Greatest Parents" at a recent parent-teacher conference.
Of course, if Trump wins, most of the population will die by committing suicide. The people who don't, the ones who voted
Though really, is the term that much weirder than "seafood?"
Arby's apologized and promised free combo meals to Miami-area police.
Image credit: Mike Mozart I'm a vegetarian, and I have a message for Arby's: Your bacon is disgusting, and I want nothing
    On June 28, Arby's restaurants across the country began selling three sandwiches featuring bacon baked with brown sugar
If Arby's themselves tweeted with self-deprecating, dark humor, I'm not sure if they'd get the same following. People who follow and respond to Nihilist Arby's aren't necessarily Arby's food fans.