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"All In The Family" episode is eerily similar to the president's call to arm teachers.
"Well, why not? I don't know of any scientists who have proven otherwise," jokes the 93-year-old creator of "All In The Family."
Here is the biggest danger of Trumpism
The creator of "All in the Family" explains.
For a long time, as he campaigned for president, a wide spectrum of establishment media insisted that Bernie Sanders couldn't win. Now they're sounding the alarm that he might. And, just in case you haven't gotten the media message yet -- Sanders is "angry," kind of like Donald Trump.
This is exactly what America needs, The Donald trumping "bing, bing, bong" on the stump, his new rallying song to impassion Nixon's secret reactionary social militia to come out from the political shadow to help him make America great again.
This is comedy satire at its best and it works because show creator Victor Fresco has the ability to make the absurd sound perfectly reasonable.
Lear told The Huffington Post Monday night that Breitbart's headline "wasn't true," and the best proof was the interview
(Not lost on this comparison is the presence of Rob Reiner in both projects. Reiner played Bunker's liberal son-in-law, Michael
"In television terms, one Betty White covers the entire demographic of seventy to a hundred and three. I think funny is funny and interesting is interesting."
At the time of the Trayvon Martin killing, I wrote about the "insidious" racism that still exists in this country in the wake of Barack Obama's election as president.
Measuring racism is not always a clear dichotomy. Not every attitude or word spoken is either clearly "racist" or "not-racist," to put this another way. There is a spectrum. The good news is that the spectrum shifts over time. What was once considered acceptable becomes taboo. Attitudes shift, even if it takes generations.
Every American packing heat is a frightening vision of our future. It doesn't have to be, if only we stop and think.
With everyone in our world talking about guns and America, I woke up this morning to find an All in the Family clip on YouTube that we produced over 30 years ago that has Archie Bunker on a local news channel doing an editorial on gun control.
In the history of American television, there aren't too many characters that deserve an obituary -- but Sherman Hemsley's George Jefferson most definitely does.
We and our families are imperfect and no amount of holiday gift wrap will cover those imperfections. We need a coping guide for the holidays, and here's mine.
William H. Macy has a voice that could sell needles to a porcupine. He can say the word "Golly" and have it be rife with unspoken meaning and depth.