“The actual decline is a lot larger than I would have expected,” said Andrew Derocher, a biology professor at the University of Alberta.
"The Office" star switched up his name to raise environmental awareness.
New research says the region is warming four times faster than the rest of the globe, yet another dramatic sign of climate change.
Parts of Antarctica are more than 70 degrees warmer than average. Areas of the Arctic are more than 50 degrees warmer.
From record-breaking wildfires to devastating hurricanes, human-driven climate change keeps killing us.
The Arctic has been warming at twice the global rate for the past 30 years.
From polar bears to a pandemic, a scientist shares what it was like to be part of MOSAiC, science’s most ambitious mission to the North Pole.
Conditions are worsening in the Arctic as climate change threatens Indigenous people and their communities.
“The impacts of a changing Arctic are not confined to those who live there," researchers wrote in the 14th annual Arctic Report Card.
Scientists said they had never seen so many carcasses at once.