Scientists said they had never seen so many carcasses at once.
Climate change will grab headlines in 2019 as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushes legislation, wildlife populations plummet, and ice melts at an alarming rate.
Chris Paetkau accidentally ended up on very long flight.
The injuries aren't life-threatening for the man who was taking passengers to shore for a tour.
And the Trump administration is looking to green light new surveys — a move scientists warn comes with significant risks.
The insatiable Norwegian thirst for Arctic oil flies in the face of the Paris global climate agreement
Scientists say a warming Arctic increases storms like the "bomb cyclone" battering the East Coast.
Ah yes, "that good old Global Warming," as President Donald Trump put it last week.
An algorithm concluded a weather station in northern Alaska must have broken because it was reporting such high temperatures.
"This means everything to me. And it means everything to my people,” said one demonstrator.
“The Arctic Refuge isn’t a bank — drilling there won’t pay for the tax cuts the Senate just passed.”
Behind closed doors, Republicans in the U.S. Senate are wheeling and dealing on a tax bill to complement the terrible one
The approval is “a totally boneheaded decision by a reckless administration," one environmentalist said.
Will the Trump administration take down the Arctic Refuge?