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The secretary of state will visit Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
But he made no reference to America's future in the Paris climate agreement.
Our future is directly dependent on the Arctic’s future.
Know how to clear a room of 500 international guests in the middle of dinner in less than 3 minutes? Announce that the Northern
During Justin Trudeau’s election campaign and his first 100 days in government, four themes have emerged – infrastructure
The presence of human habitation, and its right to security and survival is the essential focus of the emerging Arctic consensus. There is no question that the needs of those communities will be addressed.
The whole thing seemed like a coded conversation about the control of inevitable exploitation of Arctic resources, justified by high-minded agreement and theoretical application to the economic, social, and cultural needs of indigenous peoples referred to often but represented there in very few numbers.
Despite the Obama Administration's jawboning about the dangers of climate change and the Administration's Climate Action Plan, it has recently given conditional approval to Shell Oil to drill for oil in the perilous waters of the Chukchi Sea.
As the U.S. resumes chairmanship of the Arctic Council for a two-year term starting on 24 April 2015, the ball is squarely in President Barack Obama's court to provide statesmanship needed for the Arctic as a zone of peace.
Society has a historic choice to make with the Arctic. Should we continue our industrial expansion into one of the last wild areas of the world, further degrading its environment? Or, should we choose to protect and sustain this magnificent place?