Arctic drilling

“The notion that we, tonight, after 60-plus years, would give up what is a biologically important area ... for what? For oil we don’t need?”
Russia is moving ahead with drilling plans in the region.
Citing environmental risks, the Interior Department called the plan the "right path forward."
Earlier this year, Oceana released a report - "Time for Action: Six Years after Deepwater Horizon" - that compiled recent
But, in recent years, this Game of Thrones plot has been disrupted by millions of people all over the world coming together
We need to make the transition to a clean energy economy and we must do it now by taking special places off the table, protecting them from risky and dangerous drilling.
Science has the ultimate say in drawing national boundaries.
We are accountable for our decisions, our investments, our respect for law, and our moral choices. Every day would seem, then, to be a moving calculation of multiple accountabilities - a ledger of life, with surpluses and, yes, deficits.
Follow us to one of the most fascinating yet endangered places on Earth. While politicians discuss climate change, we have asked seven artists about their relation to and work within the Arctic.
The White House’s announcement will keep drill rigs out of the Arctic for the next two years.
Shell "disagrees with the decision." Climate groups rejoice.
Will we preserve these pristine waters once and for all and accelerate the shift to cleaner energy resources? Or will we continue letting oil companies go to the ends of the earth and deepen our dependence on polluting fossil fuels?
An exploratory well drilled to 6,800 feet found oil and gas but not in sufficient quantities.
President Obama must know that it is impossible to protect the Arctic while allowing Shell to drill for oil 70 miles off the coast of Alaska. He cannot have it both ways. His policies and proclamations are irreconcilable.
Obama has done more than any previous president to restrict greenhouse gas emissions, but his administration remains stuck in a contradictory policy of promoting fossil fuel extraction that threatens to "lock-in" decades of emissions that we can't afford.