Ari Aster

Director Ari Aster follows up his debut smash, "Hereditary," with a very different horror movie. This time, things go bump in the light.
"I knew it was going to be divisive in many respects, but I’ll admit that I’ve been surprised by just how deeply some viewers hate the thing."
Toni Collette, Alex Wolff and writer-director Ari Aster walk us through one of the scariest movies ever made.
"House of Cards" fans who didn't get to see enough of Rachel Posner during the show's second season would be wise to watch
Independent filmmakers and writers these days are being forced to get super creative in their attempts to raise funds for new projects. Through networks like KickStarter, not only are they raising funds -- they are also gaining attention.
Over the past few weeks a short film entitled The Strange Thing About the Johnsons has been creating quite a stir on the internet. This stir has African Americans, in particular, choosing sides between a white filmmaker's freedom of expression and a community's rejection of ownership.