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In a recent piece in the New York Times, Nate Cohn laments "the steady drumbeat of tweets about how Hillary Clinton stole the presidential primary from Bernie Sanders." Cohn resisted writing about them for so long, he asserts, because he "didn't want to dignify the views of conspiracy theorists."
Tech companies such as Yelp are now partnering with ALEC. Let's set aside the intelligence of climbing on board the Titanic after even the rats have left, and analyze their rationale for a moment.
2011-11-29-20111107bothsidesnow.jpgSpitzer & Matalin discuss SOTU: Not bold (Nat'l Journal)? Liberal boilerplate (McConnell)? Or an historic bid to shrink inequality and leave a progressive legacy? Then: Given Rubio's flop sweat and cliches, is he old whine in a new bottle?
2011-11-29-20111107bothsidesnow.jpgSpitzer & Matalin agree that Obama "won" the second debate on style/theatrics but they split on substance -- polls show Romney had edge on jobs while Obama scored TKO on "acts of terror" counter-punch. Then: the two 'drill down' on Women, Economy & Turnout.
As he negotiates with Republicans going forward, President Obama must not forget about his left flank. Re-engaging with his grassroots base, in a real and meaningful way would be a good place to start.
The Blue Dogs are right about campaign strategy in some conservative districts -- but they greatly overstate their case. Granularity is usually lost in our political narrative, and the numbers suggest subtle, diverging politics.
Like the San Francisco Giants, the progressive movement will someday win if we believe in all of our players and play as hard as we can.
Everyone who is upset with the current state of the Democratic Party simply must read Ari Berman's book on how Democrats came to rebuild The Party of Jefferson and obtain electoral dominance in 2006 and 2008.
Ari Berman does a wonderful thing in his new book Herding Donkeys -- he investigates how common sense usurped power in Washington.
Obama's political strategy is playing out in New Orleans, which anchors one of the few Congressional districts that will probably swing from the GOP to Democrats this November.
Any online organizer worth his salt recognizes that his job isn't to get people to "like" a page on Facebook, but to empower people to take tangible, real-world actions.
"The White House began to believe that they could mobilize their supporters without hearing what their supporters really
Mark Penn has repeatedly stated that he has no direct contact with controversial clients like Blackwater or unionbusters. But what about the good old-fashioned American principles of responsibility and accountability?