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This expansion of the HBO TV series appears to have been conceived by a gaggle of misogynistic, beer-chugging adolescent virgins who brag about getting laid, but the closest they've ever gotten is a Playboy centerfold.
Jeremy Piven tells HuffPost Live about the "Entourage" scenes he took issue with.
Given the recent release of his remix retrospective, Play my F**kn Remix, and the 3D version of the video for its eponymous lead single, I wanted to talk to Sir Ari Gold about, among other things, childhood and what it means for him to look back on his career at this point.
Despite the somewhat underwhelming "Entourage," finale, fans of the show --and the cast themselves -- have been clamoring
Sadowski has a little bit of show business experience herself, having appeared in a few episodes of 'The Hills.' Her engagement
This is a valentine to all you guys who aren't afraid to hug each other. Because so many of you still are -- except, of course, when you've just completed a 50-yard pass.
That task was often left to then Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk, who testified Monday at Blagojevich's federal corruption trial
The genesis of the movie was simple: air-drumming looks sublimely ridiculous. Yes, you've seen that guy at the concert, hitting his fists in the air, in perfect time with Judas Priest.
A lot has been made of Obama's casting of the key roles in the new administration. There is astonishment aplenty that he's put together a team of strong personalities and former rivals.
From Vince's comeback, to Turtle having sex with Jamie Lynn Sigler, to next season, to Ellin's own run-in with the New Orleans' Police -- I spoke recently with the director of Entourage.
Openly gay furniture designer Mitchell Gold is most well-known for lush and plush home decor, but what some in the LGBT community
As "Entourage," television's fictionalized Hollywood chronicle, wrapped its season last month, the agent extraordinaire Ari