The apple itself was an immigrant too, one of the earliest to this country. From Kazakhstan in 328 B.C. to Macedonia with Alexander the Great, on to Rome and with the Romans then all the way up North, to England where it got its name.
SkyHorse-Shoes - Fix-It & Forget-It Series The name Vermont conjures up images of ski slopes, farmhouses and moonlight. And
This is the kind of education that schools and teachers want to give you as students, but which government refuses to allow
4) You're telling the same joke to the same person you told it to yesterday, and you're delivery is quite fresh. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2
In summary, the passion and persistence of grit motivates and carries us over rough seas like a well-made surfboard. We can think of an absence of effort like a crack in our surfboard that needs repair.
Had I been an eccentric European aristocrat, young and male in the sixteenth century, at age eighteen I would have embarked on the classical Grand Tour.
... that a man could change tires all day long or drive an ice cream truck or run for Congress or cut into a man's guts in
I see brave young soldiers imposing a curfew, civilians locked indoors by fear. I see silent, motionless victims; I see grieving
Death is the one guarantee in life, but obviously we don't focus on that. However, when people get a finite answer on their
Why stress something like moderation or the Golden Mean unless you felt that there was a need for stressing it because so
A postcard from the gift shop at the Musée d'Orsay. I am writing you from the table where we once sat, by the large window
This wave of thought police infiltrating academia has begat new vocabulary. Neo-colonialist professor's incessant "micro
We've had the Golden Age; the Golden Goose; Golden Oldies; Golden Books; the Golden Globes. And now we 've got My Golden Days.
Conclusion: If Bernie Sanders is elected President, he will have the Congressional support he needs to pass his economic
Let's take a look at a campaign artifact to see how one of the most important critical-thinking tools - logic - can help us determine if something we believe, want to believe, or violently disagree with might be correct or not.
Just after dawn, we get up, without coffee, and let the dog lead us through a grove of wind-stunted trees, spiked succulents
Jn 1:17 "grace and truth came through Jesus Christ," and, Jn 17:3 "And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only
Let's not forget that polls only tell you what people are thinking at a particular point in time. But in a fast-moving presidential campaign, a lot can happen between the time a poll was taken and when the results are analyzed and announced.
Millions of tourists from all over the world are visiting Greece every year. This pilgrimage started about two millennia ago when the Romans run the Mediterranean.
Much of science, medicine, mathematics, theater, music and art come to us from ancient Greece, representing the highest of human virtues. This fascinating world of Gods, majestic temples, and stunning antiquities will be the experience of a lifetime.