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As rapidly as Goldschmidt has climbed the team leaderboards, the only question remaining is when can we expect him to surpass Gonzalez for these team batting records?
While I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask your partner to put away their phone at the dinner table, we must be careful about how we gloat about our apparent technological enlightenment.
The Arizona Diamondbacks announced the demotion of former-closer Addison Reed yesterday. With a 5.92 ERA and 1.81 strikeouts-to-walks ratio over 24.1 innings this season, the move was hardly surprising.
Pitchers drafted in the late rounds represent much smaller investments for the teams and are therefore expendable. This creates an incentive for the teams to push those late round draft picks who throw very hard through the minor league system quickly with little concern for their futures.
The idea that stats can outsmart baseball brains is the source of a heated and ongoing debate. It is wise, but not necessarily universally accepted by fans and pundits. How can a machine outperform years of coaching ball?
Colorado Rockies catcher Mike McKenry and reliever Rex Brothers didn't see it coming. With Arizona's David Peralta extending
When Pirates second baseman Neil Walker smashed a deep home run at Chase Field Saturday night, he was convinced that the
A fan's head got in the way of Diamondbacks third baseman Martin Prado when he chased a foul ball heading toward the seats
But there may have been another factor involved in Marshall's targeting of Braun. In August 2013, Gibson told the Associated
A Diamondbacks fan tried catching a foul ball on Monday night at Chase Field, but failed and ended up spilling his beer over
Despite four pennants and two World Series victories, the Mets have embraced the lovable loser narrative. This is a difficult thing to define; clearly Mets fans to prefer their team to win, but the existence of this narrative, even though its relationship to reality is more tenuous, gives the Mets a more forgiving environment than some teams.
The Los Angeles Dodgers, pre-season favorites according to most baseball analysts and experts, are currently in first place in the NL West and have the best record in baseball after beating the Arizona Diamondbacks in a two game opening series in Australia.
In our era of "Moneyball," quant jocks, and $100 million-plus payrolls, the story of how one baseball team found a more enduring competitive advantage offers a valuable playbook for Little League coaches, corporate chief executive officers, and leaders of all organizations.
Nobody, even the great Mariano Rivera, is perfect. Great athletes must be able to bounce back from defeat; and Rivera proved over and over he was able to do this.
The 28-year-old righty retired the first 26 batters that the Arizona Diamondbacks sent to the plate on Friday night at AT
"I'm picking that guy for my player of the game," the Giants announcer said. The Comcast Sportsnet crew ended up giving a