Arizona education

The state's poor teacher pay and low teacher qualification standards are creating a vacuum that will harm students.
"Jane H. Hill has made a significant contribution to the scholarship of antiracist literature by describing how White racism
If we want to deconstruct the walls and instead build opportunities, then we must elect a state superintendent with the ability to recognize and address the specific needs of all students, including our minority and first-generation college students.
As the Latino population continues to increase in Pima County and in the state, it portends positive dividends for businesses
An Arizona high school came under fire after members of the student council organized a school-wide redneck day earlier this
An Arizona bill that creates a high school course for public and charter school students that teaches the Bible and its role
"A lot of it has to do with debunking a lot of ignorance that our districts are trying to force upon the teachers," Proud
If the truth about who we are and what we've done makes people angry, do we really soothe that anger by covering up the truth?
"The Senate is no less crazy than the House," Campbell said. "I believe the governor would veto this." "It makes a difference