arizona medicaid expansion

Click here for more on the lawsuit from the Arizona Republic. One attorney from the Goldwater Institute said the situation
Why has Governor Brewer parted ways with her fellow Republican governors on this hot-button question? I suspect it's because she has looked behind the political rhetoric and understands a few key facts.
Arizona will expand Medicaid to cover nearly 300,000 poor residents next year after a bipartisan coalition passed a measure backed by Gov. Jan Brewer (R) through the state legislature on Thursday.
The uninsured rate in Arizona was 18 percent in 2011, when 1.2 million residents lacked health insurance, according to census
Moderate lawmakers in both chambers of the state legislature, whose ranks reportedly include enough Republicans to pass Brewer's
Citing frustration over a lengthy stalemate with Gov. Jan Brewer (R) and a lack of support for his alternative, Arizona House
While the state Senate has passed a budget, the House has yet to do so. Ariz. Senate President Andy Biggs (R-Gilbert) has
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) is still facing opposition from Republican lawmakers over Medicaid expansion. Brewer brushed
"Try as we might, the law was upheld by the United States Supreme Court," Brewer said. "The Affordable Care Act is not going