arizona redistricting

A unanimous court upheld an Arizona commission's redistricting plan that seemed to favor Democrats.
In their dissenting decision, the court's conservative justices wrote that the majority was ignoring evidence and "relying
In most states, the legislators themselves can creatively draw districts that yield their desired outcome -- this is akin to the politicians choosing their constituents. What type of district would be best for a representative democracy? Districts drawn by the politicians themselves, or districts drawn independently according to an objective set of criteria?
"It's sort of more than a fight about commissions, it’s a fight about who gets to speak for Arizona," Levitt told The Huffington
The Arizona Legislature argues this citizen legislation represents a violent break with the Framers' constitutional vision. But, in fact, it is Clement and the Arizona Legislature who offer the radical interpretation.
Kennedy cited the movement to elect U.S. senators, which did not come to fruition until the Constitution's 17th Amendment
Mathis appealed her dismissal to the state Supreme Court, which overturned Brewer's decision. In arguments before the Republican
"There are some commissioners who want to move the process along and others who want to go slower," he said, explaining that
Brewer's office also released statements Monday night from Senate President Steve Pierce (R) and House Speaker Andy Tobin
Robinson said that the commission will start weighing the public input from over 30 hearings held around the state regarding