The GOP had an epic photo fail when they took a promo photo from Margaret Cho’s 90s sitcom “All-American Girl.”
“We’ve got polling data that shows overwhelming support. I’ve won every election in Arizona by very large margins, quite
Morrissey's comments came a week after birther queen Orly Taitz filed a federal lawsuit in California seeking to prevent
It doesn't appear to be a reference to immigration status and Wikfors could not be reached for comment. The phrase "show
From the Arizona Capitol Times: The two restaurants canceled the events after being contacted by a Pearce opponent -- with
The party's vote marks the second new career move for Pearce this month. Earlier in January, Pearce was appointed president
"This is a lie," Cullen said. "It is irresponsible for Arizona Democrats to spread such nonsense." "They have a relationship
Barnes is not alone in embarrassing Arizonans this year. Governor Jan Brewer (R) called the capitol a "hell hole."
The arresting officer noted in the report that one of the first things he noticed after pulling over Clark was that her pants were "unzipped and open."