The GOP had an epic photo fail when they took a promo photo from Margaret Cho’s 90s sitcom “All-American Girl.”
The state GOP over the weekend approved a resolution to censure McCain, calling his record in the Senate "disastrous and
Morrissey told 550 KFYI radio on Tuesday that he questioned Obama's eligibility during Monday's meeting of Arizona's Electoral
"It could be misinterpreted," Sifert acknowledged. Wikfors is an independent contractor who does work for the party, he said
Pearce made a political comeback in January, winning election to the number two post in the state Republican Party, and is
Russell Pearce, the Arizona state Senate president recalled by voters after writing the state's controversial immigration
Jordan Howard contributed to this report. A Democratic lawmaker in Arizona said that Marilyn Quayle, the wife of former Vice
Barnes is not alone in embarrassing Arizonans this year. Governor Jan Brewer (R) called the capitol a "hell hole."
The arresting officer noted in the report that one of the first things he noticed after pulling over Clark was that her pants were "unzipped and open."
Huppenthal did not deny that a struggle took place with 78-year-old Ruth Levin, nor did he deny that he took the sign and tossed it into a nearby dumpster.
Horne, who aspires to run in 2010 for Arizona Attorney General, is not taking responsibility for his lead foot.
DPS has made a point, though, of going after people who violate the criminal speeding statutes. Last year, DPS officers made
Lee Miller, an attorney for the Arizona Republican Party, told the Arizona Capitol Times, "It was a silly, stupid thing to
Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Russell Pearce and AZ House Appropriation Committee Chair John Kavanagh are advocating for huge cuts in education funding across Arizona.