ark encounter kentucky

Nonbelievers in Kentucky see something wrong with celebrating this parable.
Kentucky's Ark Encounter won't open until 2016, but the theme park is already making headlines for reportedly requiring prospective
Ham said that the Nye debate introduced his views about the historical accuracy of the Biblical creation story to a wider
The push to diversify also includes a flashy new “Dragons Legends exhibit and a high-tech display named ‘Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium
In his plan, Beshear calls for a 6.4 percent cut to Kentucky's higher education department, a 2.2 percent cut to the State
Things are about to get Biblical in Kentucky. On Thursday, the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority gave final
"We just kept asking questions, and they couldn't provide any information," Dave Kirkey of Lebanon, one of the park's opponents
The amusement park, which will include a three-stories high, two-football-fields long replica of Noah's Ark on part of its
UPDATE: Barefoot and Progressive got in a question at the unveiling. Ark Encounter, the Grant County, Ky. undertaking, marks