After Amazon announced it would split its new headquarters between two cities, residents of New York City and Arlington, Va., blasted the company for receiving millions of dollars in tax breaks.
Donald Trump has falsely claimed that President Obama & his other predecessors did not call the families of American troops killed in combat.
The photograph features a mother hugging the tombstone of her Muslim-American son, a soldier.
Cops seized a package that contained around 7 pounds of marijuana.
When I see the Memorial Day photos of Arlington, I know those simple white markers represent entire lives. They are the boys running across a soccer field, the kid bagging your groceries, the girls playing varsity volleyball -- every one of them somebody's child who had an entire life of promise ahead.
As a spouse to one our fine service members, I've traveled all over the United States. I'm very grateful for all the places I've seen, and all the wonderful places I've had the opportunity to live. But there's that one place, that will forever permanently hold a large piece of my heart: my own small town U.S.A. ...Arlington, Ohio.
Director Gordon Edelstein keeps things moving handily, although he is forced by one-man-show strictures to resort to such activities as having the star change his clothes in several installments.
What struck me about these two musicals was how well, despite any perceived weaknesses, each show resonated with its audience. That's such an elusive quality for a new show to display and yet it was undeniable in performance.
According to the Middlesex District Attorney's Office, officers were conducting a well-being check when they made the shocking
AAPIP sees giving circles as a way to involve immigrants and refugees in the practice of U.S. philanthropy. "We are the children
Click through the slideshow to see inside Jim Morrison's childhood home. Story continues below. The house comes with an eat
Bayou's boozy popsicle debuted Thursday in "ScrewBerry" (think of a blueberry screwdriver) -- blueberries, oranges and vodka
Prince Harry has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, most recently returning to the United Kingdom in January after
"Since this stop is the first of its kind, the cost is higher than your typical off-the-shelf bus shelter," said Arlington
WASHINGTON -- Good news for Arlington dog owners: the city's health department now lets restaurants apply for a variance
For $12, diners can start with a flight of three Bloody Mary mixes: Ciao Bella Maria, Bloody Maria and, most intriguingly