"Death is nothing when you anticipate a resurrection — just blink your eyes and awake in perfection."
Gas Explosion ‘Armageddon’
Cross-posted from Once upon a time, long ago in another universe, the end of the world was left in the hands
  Suddenly it’s possible — indeed, all too easy — to imagine one man starting a nuclear war. What’s a little harder to imagine
Then in 2003 the belief in a Curse on the Cubs took on another potent layer. With the Cubs leading 3-0 in the top of the
Seriously. I am getting so old (or the news is getting so bad) that the mere act of reading the newspaper causes me to hear my blood pressure. Literally. The other day I was reading about EpiPen and it sounded like the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational in my head.
Gamma Ray Bursts, the result of a slightly different variety of cosmic mishap. When large stars die, they don't go gently into the night. Single stars can implode, or two small, dead stars can collide. Either way, the resulting black hole is celebrated with a brief flash of gamma rays a million trillion times brighter than the Sun. It could damage the atmospheres of planets even light-years away, which would be bad news for any biology.
And on the right It is to be found in the dining room of a late Roman-era villa that succumbed to an earthquake in 363 C.E