The reality TV star called on Joe Biden to "take a stand immediately" by pressuring Azerbaijan through sanctions and cutting off foreign aid.
President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to make human rights a central guidepost of his foreign policy.
The pact calls for territorial concessions and the deployment of nearly 2,000 Russian peacekeepers to the area where full-scale fighting began Sept. 27.
The reality star shared photos of Psalm, Chicago and Saint participating in the sacred ceremony at the Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin in Armenia.
For over three months, a church in the Netherlands held nonstop services to keep the Tamrazyans from being sent back to Armenia.
Last week, a majority of lawmakers rejected his candidacy.
“We will continue our strike and disobedience," said opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan.
The people of Armenia demanded the chance to choose their own leader.
A strong preference for raising boys has led some parents to abort female fetuses.