The reality star shared photos of Psalm, Chicago and Saint participating in the sacred ceremony at the Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin in Armenia.
For over three months, a church in the Netherlands held nonstop services to keep the Tamrazyans from being sent back to Armenia.
Last week, a majority of lawmakers rejected his candidacy.
“We will continue our strike and disobedience," said opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan.
The people of Armenia demanded the chance to choose their own leader.
A strong preference for raising boys has led some parents to abort female fetuses.
Mikayel Zolyan, Yerevan State University of Languages and Social Sciences On April 2 Armenians will vote in a parliamentary
By Christopher Atamian and Haykaram Nahapetyan Aleksander Lapshin holding up his three passports. Who’s out there? A bewildered
The outcome in Kazakhstan's nasty campaign was a victory for journalists and dissidents who have made a conscious decision
That dream withered as the male-dominated Parliament refused for more than two decades to pass such legislation, even when
Photo By Andrew Hurlbut We ended up with music from traditional southern folk to country, blues, early gospel, R&B, classical
They were unconfirmed until 9K720s rolled past the reviewing stand at a military parade two months ago marking Armenia's
Since the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea, Western policymakers have worked earnestly to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from instigating new military campaigns in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet region.
That is a sign that bodes well for the prospects of democracy in the region some day. Lev Gudkov, the director of the Levada
Preparation of the report corresponds with the ongoing controversial discussion on the situation with the Constitutional
If Trump is elected, Vladimir Putin will be able to run roughshod across the former Soviet Union, including Armenia, and try to take back the Baltics, Poland and other ex-Soviet fiefdoms in Europe, such as Hungary and the Czech Republic.
Here are some things to remember about him: With his continued career success tied to Russia, Karapetyan is unlikely to take