armenian genocide

Danny Tarkanian said Armenians could have repelled the Turks with guns, even though they had already been persecuted for years.
It is important to consider that the freedom of speech isn’t an inherent good.
Controversy over two recent motion pictures sheds light on the Armenian genocide. Turkey is using cyberspace to try to kill the story.
The president continues to weaken his image as a gutsy, straight-talking outsider.
The denial of the Armenian genocide matters. It matters that we do not formally recognize it.
"Hear the story of the Armenian people," Kim Kardashian urges.
Russia is not alone in flooding the Internet with fake news and “comments.” Post something on any reasonably large site saying
None of the major players in the international political stage has yet reacted to the dangerous paranoia of Mr. Erdogan. Let us hope that we are not witnessing again the appeasement of another butcher of humanity.
While I don't usually review specialized or academic books, two recent volumes written mainly by psychoanalysts are fascinating
For most of America, the heartbreaking faces of Syrian refugees this year have belonged to children. We have seen them drowned and we have seen them stunned into silence by warfare and covered in blood. (We've also seen them likened to Skittles, but that appalling analogy belongs only to the Trumps.)
When it was his turn to speak, I watched him bow his head as you do when saying a prayer. He trembled his way to the podium.
Foreign countries interested in condemning Armenian genocide should not only draw distinctions between Turkey and the actions of the Ottoman Empire. They should make the same distinction between Erdogan and the people of Turkey, who do not always support him.
This resolution is a way for Angela Merkel and her government to say "stop" to Turkey's gradual shift towards autocracy.