arming teachers

The state's Guardian Program was expanded to include educators who pass screenings and undergo at least 144 hours of training.
The high school math teacher told a detective he was just joking.
The incident raises serious concerns that concealed guns intended to protect students could kill them.
A bill working its way through the Florida Senate would let teachers with permits bring their weapons to school.
Advocacy groups want to know if the NRA had a hand in the decision to allow schools to use federal funds to buy guns.
Yet they're also more likely to say that U.S. schools are safe.
“Kids in elementary age like to hug their teachers, but students cannot put their hands on you,” Crowley added. “They can
Briggsdale School superintendent Rick Mondt told 9News that the school has been considering new safety plans in the wake
And administrators with guns is just one part of the plan, according to Hankins. "It's not the answer to every threat," Hankins
Kids get their hands on guns, and they know how to use them. The most up-to-date FBI homicide data indicate that of the 1,448