arming teachers

The state's Guardian Program was expanded to include educators who pass screenings and undergo at least 144 hours of training.
The incident raises serious concerns that concealed guns intended to protect students could kill them.
A bill working its way through the Florida Senate would let teachers with permits bring their weapons to school.
Advocacy groups want to know if the NRA had a hand in the decision to allow schools to use federal funds to buy guns.
Moreover, only school district administrators, fellow program members and local law enforcement will be privy to the identities
An unnamed Briggsdale staff member who spoke to The Greeley Tribune agreed with the new concealed carry plans, saying it
Is the United States of America a country where guns come before books? Arming teachers represents a major step in advancing our cultural arms escalation. Consider: Teachers aren't "supposed to be" soldiers or law enforcement officers.
Since the Sandy Hook shooting, lawmakers in several states looked to curb school violence with proposals that would arm teachers
Kids get their hands on guns, and they know how to use them. The most up-to-date FBI homicide data indicate that of the 1,448
Support for stricter gun laws is at a sky-high 81 percent among Democrats, but only 37 percent among independents and 23
"In fact, the only thing that would have changed the outcome, potentially changed the outcome, is something that so many
And while teachers -- along with the nation's two largest teachers unions -- have generally come out against arming educators
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I will not create a culture of fear in my school. I will not carry or have a gun. If there is a top down requirement for
Officials also urged teachers to keep an emergency backpack in their classrooms, carrying items like a school map, first
When I return to work on January 7, students and I will debate the viability of gun control. Invariably, one of them will ask me whether I believe teachers should -- as some politicians are now suggesting -- be allowed or required to carry guns while they teach.
As we enter into this holiday season and 2013, I wish to move forward with empathy, with kindheartedness and with peace. It appears that the seeds needed to make this a reality may just have been planted by Wayne LaPierre.