Army National Guard

The military has struggled in recent years to root out members of white supremacist organizations or sympathizers with white power causes.
The Marines and the Army National Guard took different approaches to extremists.
"In the spring, when I hang the flags up, I would be proud to hang yours up."
The lead generation program was instituted in 2005 to quickly fill the ranks during a time of multiple overseas combat obligations. And it was successful in bringing the National Guard back to its end strength.
As I mentioned previously it seems as if there are always some bizarre or hilarious developments in the world of sport while I am out of touch. A few days ago I reported on my experiences watching hockey in Russia. Now I want to revisit what many of you will consider old news.
We should never forget that the freedoms we sometimes take for granted in our nation were paid for in lives. I recently met a veteran who embodies this spirit and more.
In the new era of austerity we face, it is imperative that the critical role of the Reserves and National Guard be understood and appreciated.
When you enter the workforce, there is not one thing from the military that you disregard. You understand followership, you understand leadership, you understand getting the job done, whatever it takes. Now all you have to do is plug in the job. The leadership infrastructure has been built.
Michael Haley, husband to South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, was notified on Monday that he received orders for deployment
Today, David's pay is still delayed. The McCaullas lost their home and Amanda and their four youngest children live in a
Home Front will grab you and enchant you in a variety of ways. It will also amuse you, anger you, and involve you emotionally.
The meeting was scheduled after a HuffPost article last week recounted Morgan's frustration at being brushed off by Boehner's
On Thursday, the Human Rights Campaign and Freedom to Marry announced a new coalition of more than 50 groups that support
Despite numerous follow-up attempts, Morgan heard nothing after Jan. 18 -- until HuffPost inquired about why Boehner's staff
McCoy, a Democrat elected last week, admitted to the Albany Times-Union that while he told Albany fire officials he was taking
In her original letter to Panetta, Shaheen wrote: A New Hampshire senator is joining the fight to amend federal legislation
Most of us -- if we're lucky -- meet a handful of people in our lifetime who change the way we look at life, and the way we think about ourselves. Andrew Connolly is one of those people who changed my life.
Boyce is one of 20 soldiers in Indiana who has not received his in-cap (incapacitation) check this month, according to WLFI
On Dec. 20, 2010, the Defense Department sent Choi a letter -- and a bill -- saying he owed the U.S. government $2,500 for