army suicide prevention

Prescription drugs were part of his treatment. "They did a number on my body, it was so bad," he said. "I was given about
Odierno sat down in his spacious Pentagon office with The Huffington Post to talk about the growing number of Army suicides
Not long after, they hear a ka-rump and there goes the slow-rising column of black smoke. O'Brien knows that other convoy
Both times Joe Sanders attempted suicide, he had friends and professional help close by. Both times he was able to stifle
This article is part of a special Huffington Post series, "Invisible Casualties," in which we shine a spotlight on suicide
Jackie McMichael, the wife of an Iraqi War Veteran, talks with Dena about how she had to suffer through the effects of her husband's PTSD.
HuffPost Senior Military Correspondent David Wood & Jackie McMichael, the wife of an Iraqi War Veteran, discuss what the challenges are in terms of soldiers receiving treatment for trauma suffered during war.
"All it takes," he said. "You always have someone to turn to, someone that cares." At the Philadelphia VA Medical Center