army suicide prevention

"I was just a very unhappy person. I felt like my personality went into a little container, and it was just an awful, awful
That demonstrates a difficult truth: Reducing military suicides will not be easy or quick, as Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno
"This stigma, this thought that if you have PTSD you are weak, the thought if you have issues you are weak," O'Brien says
"It depends on the command climate," he said. "Some commanders are so afraid of having a soldier who is suicidal return to
The tragedy of suicide is not only the loss of an individual, but the profound grief that is left when someone chooses to
Jackie McMichael, the wife of an Iraqi War Veteran, talks with Dena about how she had to suffer through the effects of her husband's PTSD.
HuffPost Senior Military Correspondent David Wood & Jackie McMichael, the wife of an Iraqi War Veteran, discuss what the challenges are in terms of soldiers receiving treatment for trauma suffered during war.
WASHINGTON -- The good news: most people with military service never consider suicide. Contrary to popular perception, there