The U.S. charged WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange of conspiring to release military secrets in 2010.
A tourist has been arrested for drugging an orangutan and trying to keep it as a pet.
Woman Arrested Outside Of Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing
Woman Arrested Outside Of Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing
With a name like Wiz, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
It's safe to say he wasn't having a great day.
Our HuffPost Community discusses how no one should die over a bag of marijuana.
A woman in New York is facing criminal charges for saying “I do” nine times too many.
One woman in upstate New York discovered a dangerous use for a very sweet ingredient.
President and founder of Sojourners Rev. Jim Wallis is calling for all Christians to take action to prevent a repeat of Ferguson. He joins us to discuss his recent arrest during this weekend's demonstrations and his continuing protest efforts.
Susan Mellen, 59, was serving out a life sentence in California for the death of her ex-boyfriend. But that sentence was cut short when a judge threw out her conviction, saying there was strong evidence of her innocence.
It’s definitely not the week to be a beloved comic book character, especially if you’re working in New York City’s Time Square. Three costumed characters have been arrested for inappropriate behavior.
HuffPost reporter Ryan J. Reilly joins HuffPost Live to discuss being arrested in Ferguson, MO.
Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly joins Alyona to discuss the media's relationship with the Ferguson police and his wrongful arrest on Wednesday, which he deemed a "dehumanizing process."
The arrest of an Uber driver for the alleged kidnap of a woman in Los Angeles has prompted renewed fears regarding the safety of traveling in vehicles hired through the popular car service company.
When a Texas mom refused to give her son money for marijuana, it seems that the boy decided to burn one anyway. Police say