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"Restoration" had big implications for Tommy Merlyn.
"The Walking Dead" Okay, this had to be first. The teaser for Season 5 of the hit AMC drama has everything we could hope
But this year, part of the goal with "Arrow" is to bring in new viewers, and having a fresh set of villains and co-conspirators
Even though Oliver's personal and crime-fighting successes have been incremental, and even though he and Team Arrow have
Just like the town of Storybrooke, actor Christie Laing never ceases to amaze. Sometimes she wears glasses, sometimes she doesn't. No matter what her disguise is, you'll recognize her as Marian in 'OUAT' and Carly Diggle from the CW's 'Arrow.' Oh, and from 'Smallville,' 'Supernatural,' the list goes on!
If we ever needed proof that television is doing work every bit as epic and powerful as the movie industry, we need look
Of course, Slade Wilson and Brother Blood won't be the only foes who will face Oliver in the second half of the season. Michael
But when Oliver accidentally got injected with some unknown chemicals, Felicity made a desperate move. She and Diggle knocked
Earlier, Moira had admitted to her children that she had slept with Malcolm many years ago. Malcolm had been following her