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Meet the 2016 MacArthur Fellows leading America into the future.
For women, working in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) can be a lucrative path: women with STEM jobs earn 33 percent more than women in non-STEM occupations.
Although Finding Equilibrium began as an exploration of the patterns, textures and colors found in the pristine waters of
And other words of indelible wisdom from artist and physicist Enrique Martinez Celaya.
Forget Facebook manipulating our timelines as a mass social experiment, or Google mining our personal emails for advertising keywords. When it comes to algorithms, nothing gets the blood boiling more than the subject of creativity.
On March 25, the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics journal published an article that addresses pollution in art. Soon I'll talk about that, but first a bit about the Arctic.
Could Picasso not again face what humanity had done? Did he recoil at the idea of any aesthetic response to horror and devastation on that scale? Or, in the face of such unimaginable suffering, did he find art unequal to the task?
We usually think of science and poetry as inhabiting very different parts of the human mind, of human culture. When an astrophysicist spends his days writing a book of poems called I Know (Je Sais), we might want to pay some attention.
The microscopic art is essentially a demonstration of TCNL's ability to make variations in molecular concentrations on this
The floating structure, similar to a trampoline, appears to almost devour those that attempt to walk across it. Fans of the
Whichever dream they are pursuing -- wishful, wistful, nightmarish, or extraterrestrial -- these artists are also planted
It is too often the case that conversations on creativity plummet to new lows. Conversely, the one at Tällberg was a grown-up discussion which ranged far, wide and deep, over a spectrum that included art, science, technology and business.
For an astrophysicist, perhaps the most amazing aspect of 3D spider webs is how much they resemble computer simulations of the cosmic web -- the filamentary structure of the Dark Matter in the universe.
There is no doubt that Hundertwasser has left a huge body of work in painting, architecture, and environmental projects, much of which is fascinating. I found three elements in his painting, in particular, to be intimately related (at least to my mind) to current scientific interests.
Among submitted articles, the tone was set by "Shape Cheap, Materials Expensive" by Julian Vincent, on biological structures