Meet the contemporary painters, sculptors and photographers exploring centuries-old art forms through today's lens.
On June 24, 1915, Frick sat in his office, located in his mansion on E. 70th street, contemplating his legacy. Frick, a Pennsylvania native, was considered to be "one of the most hated men in America."
Arthena founder and CEO, Madelaine D'Angelo, spoke with Marketplace Weekend's host, Lizzie O'Leary, about Arthena's position at the intersection of Art and Finance. By reaching out to NPR's listeners, Arthena is continuing its mission to increase participation in the art market.
I think most artists are born artists, it is just finding your way and following your intuition.
To garner a better understanding about Andy Warhol and his use of technology we reached out to Matt Wrbican, chief archivist at The Andy Warhol Museum to get insights on Andy Warhol's experimentation with new media.