art brut

With President Barak Obama's impending visit, with Americans flooding Havana, and with growing global interest in Cuban art, perhaps this is the moment when those on the margin can be included.
The exhibition at Fondation Beyeler focuses on Jean Dubuffet's idea of landscape, which in his hands can transform itself into a body, a face or an object. Portraits, female nudes and still lives turn into vibrant landscapes.
What we know about the mysterious life of late artist Alessandra Michelangelo.
The story behind Raw Vision and why "every single human being is an artist at some point."
Yasuyuki Ueno, who does not speak at all, creates bijin-ga, or drawings of beautiful women.
"Art Brut in America" explores the strange legacy of Jean Dubuffet, the founder of art brut.
So I leave you with three chanced-upon art encounters, which may or may not be art brut, I leave that to you to define. The
Jean Dubuffet is known for his interest in 'low' or 'outsider' art, and for founding the art movement 'Art Brut.' Dubuffet was inspired by the works of patients in the asylums of Switzerland and France.
When M'onma makes art, he says his body glows and he cannot see. In this trance, what he calls a "visitation," he creates dream worlds that he sees as divine.
Our view is this: Jean Dubuffet's "art brut" was quite specific, in that it referred to art created by institutionalized