But in reality, Thursday’s decision could clear the way for civil libertarian nightmares down the road. European countries
1866: Gustave Courbet's "The Origin of the World" Ai remains unable to leave China as a result of his arrest in 2011. 2014
Rescuing scholars of art guarantees that their voices will be heard and their artistic contributions preserved-- to be shared with future generations.
Some photos of the statue can be seen below: As of Wednesday morning, the petition had 250 signatures. "I love the idea of
The school's deputy head feared the works may shock Muslim students and prevent them from attending class. The school is
"The really great thing about art school is the merit they place on ideas and pushing boundaries," Johnson told the Huffington
What do you think, readers? Is this a clear case of censorship or has the artist gone too far? Let us know in the comments
Yet resident Cathy Taylor thought any message the artist intended was overpowered by an implicit message. "How can you tell
The tension between art and censorship is given a public arena on the internet, where both battle it out for all to see and
The primary concern with the validity of the censorship decision revolved around Amber Doll's dollness. However, Ustream's
Facebook has had its fair share of user controversy since its inception, but the debate over its oft-discussed censorship
A 746-year-old fresco called "The Tree Of Fertility" is at the center of a scandal in Italy, after artists restoring the