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Entrepreneurs thrive on competition and just as in elite sports, "winner takes all." One way of increasing the odds of success
Although they often lost track of their values, vision and mission, which inevitably led their business astray, they somehow
More than any other car designer, Chris Bangle understands how to create breakthrough innovation.
Car styling is the pinnacle in the world of design and the epicenter of this creative community is in Southern California. Most auto manufacturers have a studio located here and continue work on advanced and next generation vehicles.
Across the globe, 90 percent of girls use reusable sanitary pads because they can't afford the disposable kind
This year, it is twenty years since Art Center Europe closed its doors after ten years of creative exuberance at Le Château de Sully by Vevey, Switzerland.
On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and with memories of Super Storm Sandy still fresh in people's minds, architects and designers are turning their attention to building smarter for the longer term, with a goal of protecting the lives of all the people through design.
Aron Wiesenfeld's new show at Arcadia Contemporary, "Solstice," is both dazzling and disarming. Wiesenfeld has a feeling for solitude and the figures in his recent paintings inhabit vast, enveloping spaces that poeticize their otherness by suggesting open-ended narrative possibilities.
In addition to nap rooms, Art Center offers "student stress-busting opportunities such as dog therapy, chair massages, yoga
In Martin's opinion, the oral presentations every week were very insightful and exposed him to other people's ideas and unique
I encourage my students to imagine this enormous undertaking, to wonder what it must be like to endure and tolerate ambiguity
Again, I feel a sense of energy in the room. We finally covered enough ground for me to demand coherence. They need to consider
Shawn: inspired by Michelangelo's Campidoglio, is busy cutting out a floor pattern. I caution him that before designing details
I end the class with a quote from Virginia Woolf: "The success of the masterpieces seems to lie not so much in their freedom
We go over what they have collectively generated; I ask for their clarifications, interjecting a few of my own thoughts. I
Today I want to concentrate on the concept of shaping, defining space. The quote by Louis Kahn: "Architecture is the thoughtful making of space" is very appropriate.
These kids are considering architecture as a profession -- I have a huge responsibility. When I mention that Leonardo da Vinci explored beauty by studying "ugly" people, they giggle.
Well, I doubted my potential for being a good architect, parent, and author. Now the question is: Do I have it in me to be a good teacher?