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In the balmy summer of 2013, Jay Z performed his song "Picasso Baby" at Pace Gallery for over six hours in a performance
Artists spend two or three days, on hands and knees, meticulously creating elaborately detailed chalk and pastel paintings on an asphalt or concrete canvas -- only to have it washed away after they're done.
We enjoyed all the artwork which would be gone in the next day or so. The streets are open again to traffic at 7 pm on Sunday night and within a day or so, this chalk art will be gone. Truly ephemeral.
Currently in India there are so many arts and literary festivals, the joke goes, that they outnumber the participants. But the bestselling historian William Dalrymple advanced an important belief to me in Goa. He referenced the almost timeless kavi sammelans -- a gathering of poets -- where one bard recited his work and another, responded to it, often on the spot entirely.
As the leaves begin to change and weekends are no longer reserved for beach trips, it's time to start editing not just your fall wardrobe, but your recreational activities as well.
After an exhausting day of walking and looking, ready to return to the other side of Brooklyn without much inspiration, I trundled over to one more building appropriated for art for this occasion, where I saw a new installation by Pia Coronel and G. Romero called "Palaces."
In the visual arts section, the Brazilian collaborative duo cantoni crescenti present Melt, a 70 meter long interactive installation that reacts to the movement of the visitors through its kinetic surface.
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Had I seen the best work of my life? No. Did I see a way to get rich by participating? Not at all. Whatever the risk, whatever the benefit, all I knew is that the Fire This Time festival was a place for me.
An art gallery functions much the same way that a labor union functions. Both of them seek the best price and conditions for labor. One negotiates with management for a group of workers, the other negotiates with collectors for a select group of artists.
"Outside, Inside," Tima Radya The first ever large-scale festival of public art, titled "Art Prospect," kicks off today in
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In my fourth year, I regretted not having a long enough rebar holding down my shade structure. The wind ripped it out of