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Instead of a stolen Willem de Kooning painting, the University of Arizona's Museum of Art displays the faces of two people suspected of taking it.
Was a stoner security guard behind the biggest museum art heist in American history?
This Christmas, like every Christmas, millions of televisions will broadcast the exploits of young Kevin McCallister, whom
A $1 million Norman Rockwell painting has been stolen from a storage unit in New York City, police reported this week.
The New York Times spoke with Jonathan Stuart, the son of Rockwell’s longtime art director at The Saturday Evening Post, about
If you've ever dreamed of being a vigilante art sleuth, now is your chance. Detectives are enlisting the public for help
According to Le Parisien, over 400 sketches and watercolors have gone missing from the heiress' home in Vauvenargues, France
Nearly twenty five years after one of the world's most expensive art heists the FBI has announced that they have identified
The Rotterdam art heist made headlines last year due to the thieves' military precision, the lack of security guards on duty
A $770,000 bronze sculpture by British artist Henry Moore was stolen late Tuesday or early Wednesday from the garden of the