art installation

An exhibit in Washington, D.C., features a woman dressed like the first daughter vacuuming up crumbs to show "our complicity in her role-playing."
Inspired by espionage practices, Aram Bartholl wants to create a global sharing network offline.
In June of this year, the New York arts nonprofit chashama kindly commissioned my "Representations of the Feminine in Tissue Paper," a mixed media, on-site installation at the Condé Nast Building in Times Square.
At the time when the mass media seem to fail to deliver the effective message, art may have a chance, or rather should be given a chance, to reclaim it's position as the influencer of public opinions and actions.
Armed with thirst-quenching libations, we navigate the natural path through the barbed bushes and spiky yuccas. A sign warns of the possible presence of venomous snakes and I hope we are all making enough noise to ensure any lurking reptiles keep their distance.