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He refuses to see a phony staring him in the face, says biographer.
"On the Road to Thar" is a documentary he has been working on that has to do with the disappearance of his friends. He remains hard at work completing his most important task yet: Getting their story heard to as much people as possible.
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It is of little comfort for me to confirm you are a good example of a larger problem faced my scores and scores of students in America.
Plaintiff has made a good faith effort to repay the Loan. The situation you face is tragically common in my day-to-day world
"Were the Impressionists fashionistas? And what role did fashion play in their goal to paint modern life with a 'modern style
A five-day visit to New York. Six shows, half good and half not-so. Three museums. Some of this is utterly evanescent; a few items might travel if you're patient; but some of it requires you to jump on a plane and go. Herewith a guide to your trip.
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From Uptown to Lakeview and Wicker Park to the Loop, check out some looks across Chicago's neighborhoods that take neutral colors to bold new levels.
For-profit higher education could help our people and our economy -- if the federal financial aid system were structured so that schools earned higher profits by actually helping students, not by ripping them off.
I compiled a partial list of the millions of great things that make me proud to call Chicago home. Because Chicago deserves to be number one on the civic pride list.
Seeing what other humans can create with passion and intensity (and the right genetic proclivity) does make one wonder: What could I do?
After launching their project, Kasey Orr, 28, and Benjamin Harris, 22, found themselves with more questions than answers
The Free Winter Weekdays program is running from January 3 to Feburary 4, and admission is free for all guests, all day, including
CHICAGO, IL.- This fall, acclaimed contemporary artist Jitish Kallat turns the landmark Art Institute Grand Staircase into
Marc Chagall's "America Windows" -- an iconic Art Institute of Chicago work taken off display for five years -- will be returning
Currently on display is the museum's expansive "Modern In America" exhibit, a survey of modernism and modernity in art from
Outside the Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing, the not-so-fine art of dodging drivers may soon be going the way of prehistoric