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He also said his wife, Kim Kardashian, is in law school; she's not.
He refuses to see a phony staring him in the face, says biographer.
"All About Almodóvar" Retrospective at Cinefamily, January 6 - 22 Installation view of 3D recreation of Lichtenstein's Bedroom
They say that Van Gogh ate yellow paint in a desperate attempt to feel happiness inside. I covered the canvases of my heart with every sunrise I saw in your eyes and every golden smile you gave me.
There are the cruel fantasies, like "Oh, he wants to sleep outside." There are the shelters, where the screams of the unseen
Here's everything you need to know about the very real Picasso print that Cards Against Humanity will either shred or donate to an art museum.
"This is a chance to showcase this very special artistic tradition to our audiences in the United States," said the show's curator.
Time and space: these are the boundaries that control our behavior. We exist in a moment and place that settle us into the perceived concreteness we call reality, fighting abstraction with an emphasis on the mundane.