Art Linkletter

It's not only kids who can be hilarious when they speak what they believe is the truth. And it's not only kids whose utterances can portray a deeper meaning than they ever intended.
First Art Linkletter did it, summoning kids' wit and wisdom, and inevitably drawing out their characteristic humor on his
Happy New Year, darlings. All of you reading this piece have something in common: you survived 2010. Not everyone was so lucky, and a lot of people, as always, took the off-ramp from Life.
Is it possible? Is the choke in? The Boston Bruins blew a 3 games to none lead to Philadelphia. Could the Boston Celtics be doing the same to Orlando?
My point wasn't about who quotes whom properly, it was about all the shameful mistakes, lies and mis-attributions that appear in Going Rogue. The book is an insult to everything John Wooden stood and stands for.