art restoration

In a matter of minutes, the piece is radically transformed.
As for the damaged Turkish mosaics, which reportedly include several notable pieces, including a depiction of the sacrifice
The finding was presented this week at the 245th national meeting of the American Chemical Society. The process is slow -- it
An elderly woman has turned a XIX century fresco masterpiece into a complete disaster by restoring it freestyle, without any knowledge or asking for permission to anyone.
Restoration experts recently conducted tests on the red chalk drawing depicting the bearded genius in his sixties, which
A 746-year-old fresco called "The Tree Of Fertility" is at the center of a scandal in Italy, after artists restoring the
It's not clear what responsibility artists bear to their completed work, especially after it has been sold. That's particularly the case for artists who use ephemeral materials; isn't it the buyers' responsibility to know what they're getting?
Wax was put on the back of the painting to protect the canvas and secure the paint. But Knutas says some of the wax seeped
The long-awaited post‐earthquake assessment of higher education institutions in the Port‐au‐Prince metropolitan area by the respected Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development (INURED) has been released.
In addition to these items, the McCain campaign spent nearly $9,000 at a jewelry and political paraphernalia shop in Washington