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5. “I just want you to know,” Lillian continued, “that I believe in our abilities and your talent. It’s a question of your
My half arsed execution is always going to be better than that brilliant idea living in your brain and that's just the truth.
Cutting edge, trendsetter fashion? Yes!But in Boston? Don't make me laugh! C'est impossible, right? Wrong.
A new study reveals (unsurprisingly) that students studying the arts have more sex than those majoring in computer science
It was time for me to speak more directly than I could with paintings -- to speak with living people -- in particular, those for whom creativity is a strong impulse that is sometimes problematic.
Initiate your career change by building your own history as a working artist. Collect your own tricks of the trade, and share those experiences with your students. Inhabiting both roles as artist and teacher will enrich your art students beyond measure.
Tommy Fitzpatrick Another time Forge defined 'Arty' as 'when the aesthetic effect is a consequence of things known beforehand
Before you apply to graduate school for fine arts, you have to honestly ask yourself what your long-term goals are. It may seem premature to think that far ahead, but it's important to think through and answer these questions before you leap into applying to graduate schools.
Arguably, she's already proven her salt. In both thought and practice, Cotton has demonstrated a special aptitude for creating
If you were wondering whether the research shed light on the art world's well known gender problem, the answer is yes. In