Art Spiegelman

Toni Morrison and Art Spiegelman's books are among the dozens under attack by Republican-led efforts to ban books on racism from school libraries.
According to the meeting minutes, the board cited “rough, objectionable language” used in the book about the Holocaust.
The Marvel Entertainment CEO is Trump pal Isaac Perlmutter, noted the artist, who learned again that "everything is political."
These free, downloadable artworks feature wisdom by Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, Junot Diaz and Suheir Hammad.
We're poised at an incredible moment in the world of art and commerce, because artists who have a robust fanbase actually do have a choice not to pimp themselves out for cars or shampoo. We're just taking baby steps so far into this new paradigm.
Art Spiegelman and his friend, the jazz composer Phillip Johnston, have collaborated on a project called “Wordless!” It’s
Françoise Mouly knew intuitively how important comics were to the growth and development of her own children's literacy and love of reading, and she wanted to create that experience for a bigger audience.
See the rest of Alison Bechdel's conversation with HuffPost Live here. "Comics were once sort of [for] superhero action stories
If you're into comic books or art, Art Spiegelman is a name you should know. He's got a retrospective art show right now that's endlessly fascinating. For the occasion of the show, I was able to discuss many aspects of his work with him.