art studio

(via Matters of Style/Photo: Everything Etsy) 18. Use gutters to organize your printing equipment 12. Keep your inspirations
Sometimes it might feel like you and your lifestyle are being judged right along with the work. How much work should I display? Am I "bohemian" enough? Am I talking too much? Do they have ulterior (i.e., booty call) motives?
Flexible, observant, and pleasingly eccentric in her brushwork, Julia Schwartz creates images that are just a little bit off balance; just as she intends them to be.
• Anthony Ausgang - Long known as the comic-inspired anarchist who made a name for himself by adding slick animated scenes
(Via Beautiful/Decay) Aaron Johnson's sunny Brooklyn studio is full of riotous, colorfully undulating, larger-than-life monsters
MIAMI, FL.- Miami Art Museum, a modern and contemporary art museum located in downtown Miami, FL, will provide a partial