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5. Keep your paintbrushes straight by stashing them in a planter. (via The Creative Homemaker) (via Design Improvised) 17
Sometimes it might feel like you and your lifestyle are being judged right along with the work. How much work should I display? Am I "bohemian" enough? Am I talking too much? Do they have ulterior (i.e., booty call) motives?
Flexible, observant, and pleasingly eccentric in her brushwork, Julia Schwartz creates images that are just a little bit off balance; just as she intends them to be.
• Kim Dingle - Represented in New York but not in Los Angeles, her expressionistic scenes of prepubescent feminism are the
(Via Beautiful/Decay) Aaron Johnson's sunny Brooklyn studio is full of riotous, colorfully undulating, larger-than-life monsters
MIAMI, FL.- Miami Art Museum, a modern and contemporary art museum located in downtown Miami, FL, will provide a partial