In May, Alabama Public Television refused to air "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone," suggesting it wasn't appropriate for children.
Marc Brown says he's "disappointed" that an Alabama station refused to air Mr. Ratburn's wedding.
The network has no plans to air "Mr. Ratburn & the Special Someone." It's available for anyone to watch online.
Gorka, an anti-Muslim extremist, claimed the PBS Kids program is stoking “a war for our culture” by depicting a same-sex marriage.
Three juries have found Tommy Arthur guilty of shooting Troy Wicker to death as he slept.
The 75-year-old prisoner has spent more than three decades on death row.
An interview with Marc Brown about the 20th anniversary of the most influential show of our time.
I always find Tintagel Castle, on the rugged coast in Southwest England, evocative and brooding...especially in gloomy weather
I tend to blow hot and cold on the films of Noah Baumbach though, truthfully, more hot than cold. But I draw the line at his collaborations with Greta Gerwig, who may be the most overrated (or at least most overemployed) actor of her generation.
Vehicles drive off the ferry from Ocracoke Island, July 2, in Cape Hatteras. Hurricane Arthur strengthen to a Category 2
It's amazing what a couple of bleeps and a few blurred pixels can do. In the clip above, Jimmy Kimmel brings Dr. Phil, V
"People say that the internet democratized music, which it did in that it allows people to make records without getting the hallowed record deal, because you have all these home studios and stuff. The problem is marketing yourself."
Never a filmmaker for whom story seemed particularly important, Baumbach collaborated here with his star, Greta Gerwig, for what feels like an amorphous and fragmentary story of a delusional young woman who doesn't seem to want to grow up.
Now that his first comeback movie has seriously bombed, what's next for Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Leadership is the ordinary things we do to impact those around us in extraordinary ways.