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A decision should be made within the next two years.
Indeed, hundreds of positions have been cut from the Times in recent years, and yet the paper still employs about the same
New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. has a lot going on these days. The New York Post reported Thursday that Sulzberger
New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger fired executive editor Jill Abramson after concluding that she had misled both
I'm left to ponder if it's my big gay voice, or the way I dress, or the way I flail my hands during presentations that might put others off or deterred my ability to fit into the traditional executive mode.
It's a complicated story, with issues of gender, leadership style, and office and personal politics. What does it all mean?
The New Yorker's Ken Auletta, who sparked an initial firestorm when he first reported that Abramson had complained about
Former managing editor at TIME Walter Isaacson writes that the lesson of new executive editor Dean Baquet’s rise at the Times
Sulzberger's handling of the PR side of the firing story also came under criticism: Of all the @davidfolkenflik tweets, the
I always thought, perhaps naively, that the Times was not going after just the wealthy, that they might have a commitment to people at the lower end of the wealth scale. Then I encountered the February 11 edition.