Articles of impeachment

Trump's main defense is that he can't be tried because he's not in office anymore.
Some supporters facing federal charges suggested they took orders from the then-president when they stormed the Capitol.
Trump's losing his grip on the GOP, leaving him more politically isolated than ever during his turbulent term.
The lawyer who recommended the impeachment of Bill Clinton spoke to senators as part of Donald Trump's defense team.
The lead House impeachment manager asserted that every charge against Trump “has been proved.”
For a second day, Democrats pressed their case for impeachment before skeptical Republican Senate jurors.
The filing says the two articles of impeachment brought against the president don’t amount to impeachment offenses.
Democrats called President Trump's conduct the founding father's "worst nightmare" while the White House called the impeachment an attack on the U.S.
In the wake of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, an anti-Trump Republican group is launching ads advocating a fair Senate trial.
President Donald Trump is expected to be tried over his highly controversial dealings with Ukrainian leadership.