Non-fungible tokens have captured the attention of artists and collectors alike -- with one digital art piece selling this week for nearly $70 million.
Paul Insect's brightly painted street benches honor the workers "who have kept England running" during the coronavirus pandemic.
News of Glenna Goodacre's death was posted to Instagram by Harry Connick Jr., who is married to her daughter, Jill Connick.
Toruño honors queer women of color with her vibrant, unapologetic and very public work.
"It’s an unwritten key ethos of the society, giving back and helping."
Scarlett Baily, who talked to Central American migrants while they rested in Mexico, hopes her drawings will change Americans' "fear of migrants for a collective empathy.”
Hannah Provisor's "Cats Calling Back" channels women's anger and offers a much-needed catharsis.
Artist Sarah Lucas is the patron saint of slouching, a curvature of the spine that gently whispers, "I don't give a f**k what you think."
I can literally only see inches of paper at once; my art will always look a little off.
Most Los Angles residents think of Skid Row as a dark and disturbing place. This dynamic arts community wants to change that.