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Some smaller arts institutions may not survive the economic effects of prolonged closures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen.
What does it mean to be fully human, and what is it worth? It is difficult to quantify the value of the humanities, but we
The meme below was widely circulated in January after news hit of President Trump's intentions to cut funding for the National
As President Trump settles into the White House, Americans for the Arts and arts advocates across the country (including
Now that Memorial Day has sailed past us and the end of the school year is in sight, many families are thinking about how to fill the summer days ahead and keep kids engaged at a time when schedules and routines are disrupted.
Earlier this month I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, giving a lecture on arts and public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School's
The program emerged amid decreasing public school arts funding in Georgia.
Even with continual threats to maintaining funding for arts education, New Rochelle schools continue to deliver these kinds of enriching experiences, a demonstration of our unflagging commitment to educating the whole child through art, dance, music and theatre.
The Snoopy Plate was created in California following legislation in 2013. Proceeds from the sales go to the California Cultural and Historical Endowment to help museums make capital improvements to their facilities, which helps keep their doors open to the public.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Smithsonian says the government should "take the lead in reinvesting in the arts and humanities
It was during a visit to São Paulo that a budding acquaintance with Denise Milan was spawned. I was drawn to her work and a world of discovery that she presented to me through her stone constructs and the multilayered tableaus that resonated throughout her installations.
In a twist worthy of a Kafka novel, the national council of Actors Equity, the union of American stage actors, this week rammed through a proposal that would essentially rip the heart out of the Los Angeles theater scene, even though the proposal had been voted down by two-thirds of its Los Angeles voting membership.
This insecurity has caused rifts between staff and board members in too many organizations; the search for approaches to address our challenges will only come to a satisfying conclusion if we are willing to work together on solutions.
What I really have trouble getting my head around is how little our society and our country seems to value artists. Is it because we assume that anyone who would do anything for the love of it should believe that is compensation enough?
The return of the company to Chicago after almost 17 years was a gift to lovers of dance.
Today is Veterans Day, a time when our nations on the contribution, sacrifice and legacy of our military service members and their families. For many of us, these reflections can turn deeply personal.
After a brief intermission, Spacey reappeared with a harmonica for a rendition of Billy Joel’s "Piano Man," which was undoubtedly