asap rocky

The rapper, whose case attracted the attention of President Trump, was given a suspended sentence and will not face prison time.
President Donald Trump commented on the rapper's release on Twitter.
Diplomat Robert O’Brien's appearance is another sign of the president's involvement in the rapper's case.
"Political interference in the process is distinctly off limits," Carl Bildt wrote. "Clear?”
The U.S. rapper, whose detention has prompted a major international response, will remain in custody until his trial, prosecutors said Thursday.
The president offered to "personally vouch" for the rapper's bail during a phone call with Sweden's prime minister.
"While you're at it, could you also let those kids in cages out?" the singer asked the president.
The rapper has been detained for his potential involvement in a Stockholm street fight.
The American rapper's ongoing detention has led to a public outcry from celebrities, hip-hop artists, politicians and fans.
The rapper will reportedly remain in a Swedish jail for at least another week after an alleged assault.
Four lawmakers have called on the U.S. government to become involved in the case, citing "human rights violations" committed against the rapper.